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League servers

The same basic conditions apply on all league servers:

1.134 professional teams play in 6 leagues, 3 professional leagues and 3 amateur leagues. The leagues are set in a pyramid structure, so there are one 1st league, two 2nd leagues, four 3rd leagues etc.

The league servers vary solely with regard to the: 1. time zones where they are located in and thus the match times
2. different chage of season.

The season will start offset by one week. So, for example, the server for node 1 starts the season on 02.01, node 2 on 09.01., node 3 on 16.01., etc. The sixth league server of the same time zone has the season change as the first server, since each season lasts exactly five weeks.

Players can be transferred to other teams using the player commander.
However, a team cannot move to another league server (it would be a little unrealistic to move the stadium).

If a new league server is opened, all teams will begin in the 4th to 6th leagues, according to the strength gained in the preliminaries. There is no descending from the 6th league.