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Templates (saved configurations)

On the bottom left side of the lineup page, under the playing field, you can store up to six separate configurations (depending on your license) as templates, and give them a different name.

For example, you can put together a very defensive lineup that you could use it against much stronger teams. After you pulled eleven players onto the field, just type-in a name for this lineup, for example "maximum defence", and then save the template.
It will appear automatically in the selection box below the Save button and can later be used as often as you wish.

If all six available configurations are used (for the Coach Licence only two configurations are available), you will be asked which of the existing templates would you like to replace.

Of course, you can change a stored template at any time: simply select it from the list below, make the changes and save it again.

If with a superior license (eg. Director) you have saved six templates, but then you switch to a coach license, the first two templates will be kept and the other four will be deleted.